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Exhaust stain removal

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It should take those brown stains right off. The product was developed to remove turbine exhaust stains. It works wonderfully for that. I use it for my exhaust stains on my airplane. I get the same type of stains. Mine are white-ish type stains. I have to hit it twice with the exhaust stain remover but it does take it off with little effort.

I'd just like to thank Ron for the Scrubbing Bubbles trick. I just tried it and wow does it ever work well.

you welcome, it has worked great for me as well , didn't mean to step on Grants Toes, maybe we should just relabel the scrubbing bubbles, and market it as exhaust stain remover and make Grant a Distributor?? ;)

No toes stepped on here.... I will try it too. I want to use what ever is cheapest!

My 2 cents for people in Europe.
Here (in Italy at least) we don't have "Scrubbing Bubbles". A cheap product that works very well, no elbow grease needed, is the common household degreaser "Chante Clair".


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